Happy New Year from Old Stone Well Farm

The Past is Past, Onward We Go

The beloved hymn, “Amazing Grace,” celebrates 250 years on Jan. 1. It was in 1773 that John Newton wrote the song to accompany his New Year’s Day sermon. I can’t think of a better way to ring in 2023 then remembering the power of grace in our lives and why we need to really say good-bye to the past and embrace the new day God has for us. So come and join me at my 18th-century Vermont home that I have lovingly named, Old Stone Well Farm. Let’s start this new year together, and with the courage to keep moving onward. Blessings!

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A Night for Miracles

My Silent Night

It’s truly Christmas…and I am not talking about the heavenly smells of a turkey roasting in the oven or tree lights twinkling, or even beautifully wrapped presents under the tree.

It’s truly Christmas because the plans I had for “doing” Christmas can’t happen.

Vermont got hit hard with the winter storm — more than 24 hours have gone by and still no power. The turkey thawing in the fridge will be tossed. The baking I had planned will not happen. The tree lights are off as we can only use a meager bit of electricity with the generator. And my husband has to work, so it is just me and a snoring Bernese Mountain dog puppy at my feet.

So I sit here with the candles lit, eating raw oatmeal and honey (it is actually pretty good!), and while I felt anxious and sad at first, I realized, “God is listening to the desires of your heart: to live off the grid, to live by candlelight, to make do with the provision at hand and not want more. To really live differently than I have been.”

I wonder what Christmas miracles will happen on this holy night?

I’m not talking about the miracle of having the lights back on, but rather what will my heart finally be opened to now that all the trappings of Christmas have been taken away? What will be birthed? What dreams will finally awaken and begin to take form?

Some of you know that after five years of being editor of magazine, my time came to end. News came right before Christmas.

During pondering my what next, my husband offered some thoughts and encouragement. Imagine his surprise (and fear!) as well as mine, when I heard myself say, “I want to live deep in the woods and write about an alternative way to live!” He was skeptical that I could make a living like that. And then the next day, my life was thrown into off the grid living.

So I wonder what this Christmas, which has been filled with so many of life’s challenges (job ending, no electric, and oh, did I mention we didn’t have water the other day in the old well as well!), will bring.

I wonder because, after all, “Silent Night” was composed because a little church’s organ was broken one snowy Christmas night and the faithful had to sing a new song, a new way.

It’s funny how we tend to forget about “Silent Night’s” humble beginnings and have made its singing a sacred cow: If it doesn’t happen with an organ and little candles lit in a church’s sanctuary, we get sad. (I invite you to subscribe to my YouTube channel, Old Stone Well Farm, as this year, I went into the woods by myself and lit candles on a tree as I listened to “Silent Night.” Go to YouTube@oldstonewellfarm )

I wonder because even before the birth of the beloved Christmas song, there was another song being composed. The song of salvation. The song of hope. The song that makes me know deep in my heart, anything is possible, because that song was a blend of angels’ voices and a baby’s cry. It was God’s love song to us.

Rejoice! Our Savior has been born!

Old Stone Well Farm


Your Light Has Come

It’s Christmas at Old Stone Well Farm, and this year we will be going to Sofie’s Hill to embrace this holy night and be reminded that darkness has no hold on us…our light has come!

Come and join me!

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(And if you don’t hear from me…that’s because I am still without power here in Vermont…I am working on the juice of an old generator right now, thus, this message is short and sweet, and might be filled with typos as my husband gives me the look that says “time’s up with the generator!)

Old Stone Well Farm


If Scrooge Can Love, So Can We

Christmas is almost here and the first snowstorm in Vermont is the perfect excuse to get out a holiday classic to read. “A Christmas Carol” is such a great reminder that there is always a chance for us to do better when it comes to loving one another. It’s a story of hope and redemption. But what is this love that comes to us at Christmas?

Come and snuggle up with a cup of coco and a cozy blanket and join me on this wintery day at Old Stone Well Farm as we enter the last week of Advent and prepare for the coming of the Christ light.

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But before you click the video below, I’m curious. What is your favorite holiday book or movie? And, how will you be inspired to “keep Christmas well” as it was said of Scrooge at the end of Charles Dickens’ classic. Drop me a note here or comment on YouTube!

Old Stone Well Farm


A 12th Century Recipe for Joy

I can’t believe it’s the third Sunday of Advent. Christmas is getting closer and I am not ready — both physically and emotionally. There is just so much going on. And I realize, even with joy in my life, it does’t take away those moments of sadness of Christmases gone by. So join me today as I share with you how to handle the Christmas blues AND I have a great cookie recipe for you from a 12th century saint who swore her “cookies of joy” would heal a heart that is aching. Pull up a chair. Share with friends and family! And let me know if you make these cookies for a loved one feeling down this holiday. Blessings!

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Old Stone Well Farm


Living Like St. Nick

Hello friends! I’m coming to you on this St. Nicholas Day (of course, by the time you watch this Dec. 6 might have already come and gone) a little sleep deprived.

Yes, a wee bit behind with our St. Nick Day celebrations because I am lacking sleep. The new puppy is here and I had forgotten how much attention they require the first few days in a new home.

But here I am and I can’t wait for you to meet the puppy and learn what we named him. (Yes, we finally settled on a name!)

I also can’t wait to share with you how we should all aspire to live like Santa Claus (that is, the real St. Nick!). I will also give you a glimpse at my attempt at making a traditional Swiss German St. Nicholas bread known as grittebanz.

As always, share with others and comment! I love talking to all who come to my 18th-century abode that I call Old Stone Well Farm, where I am growing grace (and raising one Bernese Mountain dog, a cranky old cat and five funny chickens!)

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Old Stone Well Farm


Peace Really is Possible

My friends, a short visit together at the farm table as today we are picking up our new puppy!! Yes, little … (name to be revealed in my Dec. 6 St. Nick Day video) is coming to Old Stone Well Farm where he will meet his brother, RuRu (the cranky cat) and his five sisters, the chickens — Priscilla, Omelet, Nugget, Pot Pie, Biscuit (as in chicken and biscuits).

While we will spend a short time together, I didn’t want to miss lighting the second candle of Advent with you — the peace candle. Peace seems so fleeting these days, but I have found it can be possible.

So pull up a chair and I will share with you an Advent challenge to bring more peace into your live and into the world. Well, I need to get going. It’s an hour plus drive to pick up the puppy and I have some farm chores to get to first. Enjoy.

And please, tell your friends about Old Stone Well Farm and encourage them to subscribe on YouTube. Old Stone Well Farm is a growing channel and I have a big God-dream of getting to 1,000 subscribers — I was going to say by the end of the year which is quickly approaching — but why not? All things are possible and often our dreams are so small compared to the great things God can do!

And, I would love to hear from you and your thoughts on peace (and raising a puppy!).

Blessings to you!

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