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August 28, 2016

The Cheap Seats, Luke 14:7-14


August 21, 2016

Lord, Change the Way I See, Jeremiah 1:4-10 and Luke 13:10-17

August 14, 2016

No Waffling in the Lord’s House 

It was wonderful to welcome 14 high school students from Indonesia to our worship on August 14. As you listen to the sermon you will hear me addressing them when I turned to them and told them how I was sure there was things about following Christ and faith they could teach me. Yes, we all learn from one another…even the pastor continues to learn! Blessings!


August 7, 2016

Breaking Free From the Same Old, Same Old—Rev. Donna Frischknecht Jackson

(At about the 8-minute mark of the audio you will hear a little tot’s voice. It was at that moment of preaching she walked right in front of the lectern and began “talking” to me. When I was relaying the Isaiah scripture about God not being happy with the children of Israel, she gave me a concerned look. That’s when I acknowledged her and told her to hang in there for the rest of the story…you will hear me address her in the audio. She smiled and began jumping excitedly. I just love the way the Holy Spirit breathes upon us at that moment of proclaiming God’s word. Now if only we could all hear God’s word as little children do and all jump with excitement as to how great God is.)


July 31, 2016

For the (Misplaced) Love of Bigger Barns—Rev. Donna Frischknecht Jackson

(The beginning of this audio features special music sung by a duet of very talented college students who shared their gifts with the congregation.)