Happy New Year from Old Stone Well Farm

The Past is Past, Onward We Go

The beloved hymn, “Amazing Grace,” celebrates 250 years on Jan. 1. It was in 1773 that John Newton wrote the song to accompany his New Year’s Day sermon. I can’t think of a better way to ring in 2023 then remembering the power of grace in our lives and why we need to really say good-bye to the past and embrace the new day God has for us. So come and join me at my 18th-century Vermont home that I have lovingly named, Old Stone Well Farm. Let’s start this new year together, and with the courage to keep moving onward. Blessings!

Click the video to start our New Year’s together!

2 thoughts on “Happy New Year from Old Stone Well Farm

  1. Thank you once again, Donna. I am also, as you know, on a trail of tears. I know God is beside me, but I am in discernment for where God is taking me. I know God is also beside you, and will take you where GOD wills. For both of us, whatever that place is, it will be better than we can yet imagine. A blessed new year to you, my friend! — Lois


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