Old Stone Well Farm

Two Questions to Ask Before Beginning Lent

I took a muddy drive up Two Top Mountain the other day to prepare for the season of Lent with the monks of New Skete in Cambridge, New York. I did this because I realized we often focus our Lenten journeys on preparing ourselves for Easter, but what if we spent a little bit of time preparing our hearts for the actual 40 days. So that is what I am going to do as I seek some quiet prayer time and ponder two questions we should ask ourselves before embarking on our Lenten adventure.

P.S. I also share with you my one Fat Tuesday indulgence that the nuns here are famous for!

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2 thoughts on “Old Stone Well Farm

  1. Thank you for this message which has helped me clarify the direction I need help with. I am looking for a new me! I had my husband brought home from the hospital with hospice care in December. He passed on New Years eve. The family has distanced itself from me so I am wondering, as you ask, what is it that God wants from my life and what can I do to make God (and me) smile.
    See how you help people? Don’t linger upon looking for your purpose too long. God will figure it out for you,


    • Bev,
      I am so sorry to hear of your husband’s passing, and now what is happening with family. Never forget that God sees all and knows all, but most of all, God is holding you and is with you always giving you strength and joy and wiping away those tears. Each day is full of opportunities to glimpse that amazing grace. Some days it is easy to see, some days it is not. But it is always there. Always.
      Thinking of you and holding you in my prayers.
      Blessings!!!! Donna


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