Old Stone Well Farm

Enjoy Your Sabbath Day

It’s been a wonderfully busy and blessed time here at the farm, and it shows no signs of slowing down. But I intend to slow down and rest a bit today. Well, rest by doing what gives me joy by searching for and capturing wonderful stories to inspire you and make you smile.

So today, as we prepare to head into the season of Lent, Fritz and I will be “off” today scouting future locations here in Vermont to film for you.

We will see you this week with some mountaintop experiences, pretzel making and the story of a pre-Lenten Swiss soup that ushers into a time of humble meals. Till then, have a wonderful Sunday. Do something on this Sabbath day to rest and renew. Do something that gives you joy.

(Now to get Fritz ready for the camera. “Please Mom, no filming me till I do something with my hair!”)

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