Old Stone Well Farm


I am in a season of wintering — retreating, slowing down, and vowing to not feel guilty taking those much-needed naps. What is wintering? Come to the farm and explore with me how rest is the recovery we need and which leads to discovery of who we are and the things that give us joy.

Also, I share my new 18th-century rope bed!!! It is perfect in this pre-Revolutionary War home.

On a personal note, it was such a joy making this video. I found so much peace and it actually helped me to embrace slowing down as a way of life. I pray it helps you create a life that makes room for more of God’s grace. As always, thank you for being part of Old Stone Well Farm! You are a blessing. And please share with others!!!

4 thoughts on “Old Stone Well Farm

  1. Although it’s California, our winters in the San Joaquin Valley are cold, damp, and the days short. I have never liked winter and think I should probably live nearer the equator where the days tend to remain warm and long all year round. The vines and trees here that produce the food for the world rest during the winters, and actually prefer the cold damp of the Tule fog of the valley to regain their strength to produce all those fruits and nuts. Our cat colony enjoys finding their way to our bed at night to snuggle next to us and sleep.


    • I love hearing about San Joaquin winters, not because they are cold and damp, but to think of the vines and trees resting, regaining their strength to produced the fruits and nuts that I enjoy here in Vermont is just a lovely image. Thank you for sharing!!! Blessings!


  2. Thank you for sharing about “wintering,” a time of reflection, rest, recovery, and reading (another “r”). I live in Western North Carolina and we don’t have much snow (at least where I live), only a sprinkling once or twice – and it has usually melted by the end of the day. But we have very cold and windy days. Your pictures of the Vermont snow are beautiful, including Fritz enjoying it.
    I am fascinated by your 18th century rope bed that you put it together yourself. Wow! Is it comfortable? Do you have a straw mattress? Will you sleep on it every night now? I loved seeing RuRu jump on the bed, walk across your body and curl up by your head. My cat Willow does the exact same thing!
    I have another prayer request. Our son is having open heart surgery on Monday. We know he will be okay as he has a world-renown surgeon in a well-respected hospital. We want the spirit of our great healer to surround that operating room too.
    And I pray that your recovery from the stresses and disappointments of the changes at the magazine will bring you to the new thing that God has planned for you. I know it will be better than you ever hoped for.
    Blessings and peace to you.


    • Nancy, it is always so wonderful hearing from. Thank you for letting me know about your son. I am lifting him in prayer and will mark my calendar on Monday to set specific time in which to soak him in God’s great healing mercies. Life is not without challenges, but life is not without blessings as well. And so, we keep our eyes open for them. 🙂
      And the rope bed is very comfortable. A bit hard getting out of it. (Now that would have been a funny video!) I don’t have a straw mattress, rather I use a feather bed topper for the base. I don’t sleep in it every night as my husband is not a fan of it. I use this to curl up and read a book in and doze off a bit. It also provides some quality time with the cat as Fritz and him are not getting along yet. RuRu never liked Sofie, my first Bernese Mountain dog. Rev, the black cat who passed away last March, LOVED dogs. He would curl up with Sofie all the time. It’s a shame Rev never got to meet Fritz. Well, you have my prayers for your son. Onward we go in faith. (And thank you for your prayers as well during this time of transition. They are greatly appreciated!)


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