Old Stone Well Farm

Running Home

Need a smile? Need encouragement? Need to feel the love and grace in your lives again? Then let’s “run” back to where we will find wholeness again. On this fourth Sunday in Lent we ponder the parable of the Prodigal Son with a little help from Rembrandt, Henri Nouwen — and some cute little piglets! Enjoy your time in Vermont at Old Stone Well Farm. Comment, share…and let me know your answer to what brings a smile to your face.


4 thoughts on “Old Stone Well Farm

  1. I spend more time than I should “surfing” Facebook looking for videos of giggling toddlers. There is nothing that can make me smile more than that.

    There are a couple places to which I can return that are home for me; where I am accepted for exactly who I am am loved in spite of my “quirks”. Family and friends are my tribe, as I am for them. So much so that I often will say out loud, “Thank you for loving me for just who I am”.

    Several weeks ago you talked bout Isaiah responding to the Lord, Send me….. You asked us if we could say the same thing. I have been thinking about that verse and your question. I pray that I could say that myself, but I fear that God’s answer will be something that is more than I can do…

    I’m working on me…. So Is God


    • Surfing Facebook for giggling toddlers is a great way to bring a smile to your face. I have done the same — babies and cute puppies. And, yes, it is good to have a “tribe” those beloveds who accept you for who you are. It is so important. That is what the family of Old Stone Well Farm is for me…my tribe. When I shoot these videos I feel I am “home.” So thank you, Michelle, for being part of it. I am smiling now, too, to hear you are still pondering and praying on the question posed a few weeks ago about saying to God, “send me!” It is a scary thing to say for we don’t know the plans God really has for us. But faith asks for us to trust. Not easy. Never. And I hate to say it doesn’t get easier. But it does get ever more deeper and wonderful. Blessings to you!!!


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