Old Stone Well Farm

Breathe in God’s Beauty

A busy weekend here in Vermont. After leading a wonderful women’s retreat on Saturday, I now get ready to preach at another church. And so, this week’s time together at the farm will be delayed. But before I head out to church, I invite you to breathe in God’s beauty all around here at Old Stone Well Farm. I can’t wait to be with you in a few days!!! So much to fill you in on.

Till then, blessings!!

4 thoughts on “Old Stone Well Farm

  1. Thank you so much for leading our women’s session yesterday. I can’t even come up with the words to express how meaningful it was to me… Four hours which passed so quickly as if one as opposed to Sunday services which too often seem as though they lasted four instead of one! Cooked from scratch apparently is a really old fashioned term whereby the cook prepared everything from its original source where-by today the new meaning is- Mixing the individual ingredients yourself as opposed to adding them already gathered in a box. Love your blogs and look forward to them Keep dreaming and God help you in understanding His role in the development and possibilities of your dreams. How wild could we be without our husbands and God to keep us reasonable? BEV DAVIS


    • Bev, it was such a JOY being with you on Saturday!!! It was a wonderful time, and I learned so much myself. I also came home with such peace in my heart. You and the women at Ballston Spa are a blessing. And thank you for doing the research on where the phrase “from scratch” came from. Love it. I will see again as I am preaching one more Sunday at your church. Blessings!!


      • Thank you for your blog about Michaelmas and fears & darkness. It arrived just in time to help me get through a bleek, black few days. My husband has really bad health which runs from dialysis treatments to beginning stage dementia. I have pretty much(with God’s help) been able to handle that but my doctor, my step daughters – practically everybody tells me I need to get help. So I have had to give up alot of my jobs and I am just not ready to do that. And Marty has constant help coming to the house for pt, pill management etc.
        I was angry and sad the darkest of black.
        See how much you are helping people?
        I send my nonchurch going friend your blogs and she wants to come to church with me in Ballston Spa when you come next. She carries a St. Michaelmas in her wallet.
        Thank you and stay safe.
        Bev Davis


      • Bev, I am holding you in my prayers (and Marty as well). Life is never easy and there always are so many challenges…but God’s grace is always there…and we are never alone. Prayers abound!!! And I can’t wait to see you again in Ballston Spa…and to meet your friends. If you need anything, even just a word of hope or a listening ear — I am here. Blessings! Donna


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