Old Stone Well Farm

Here I Am

Well, we had another snowstorm here in Vermont, which means more snow angels to make and more snowflakes to marvel at. While I yearn for warmer weather, there are lessons to learn in winter’s “slow down” mode. Lessons such as before jumping into saying saying “yes” to everything, discern the time and energy you have to give. Discern if what you are signing up for fuels your passion.

Even with that beautiful “Here I am” we wish to say to God, listen first for what is really being asked of you. So, sit back and enjoy what I call a “mini-retreat.”

Yes, these videos are your time to enjoy country living in Vermont with me. So enjoy Old Stone Well Farm — my little 18th-century home in a Vermont valley which is known by the locals as “the oldest house in Rupert.”

Invite your friends to come along and visit the farm as well. There’s always room at the old farm table. So like, comment and share Old Stone Well Farm Media & Ministry with friends and invite them to subscribe to the YouTube channel to get the latest news and reflections. This fledgling ministry is getting some attention. I am still not sure where God is leading me with it, but I have said “here I am” and I am excited and curious to what tomorrow will bring. So join me in praying for direction and wisdom.

Till the next time!

Blessings, Donna

2 thoughts on “Old Stone Well Farm

  1. We sang Here I am Lord at church this morning. It is a song that I love so I was pleased to see you had used it as your title when I came to your page. I believe that when we say, “here I am,” that the Lord will send the very best to us. Our open heart and open hands, only He can fill. I see this more and more as I move through my life in retirement.


    • Such a wonderful God moment to have sung that song in church and then see it as part of this week’s video. Love it. And I love what you said about the Lord sending the best to us when we say “here I am.” Yes, only He can fill our open heart and hands. I needed to hear that!!

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