Old Stone Well Farm

Miracles and New Wine

Winter was the season to slumber, to hibernate, to retreat. In Native American traditions, winter was a time of gathering around the fire and tell stories. But we don’t allow ourselves to do that, do we? We just go, go, go.

On this below-zero day, I invite you to think about embracing winter’s rest — to allow your tired souls to find renewal in a nap, a good book, a walk in nature, and to hear a story or two. So join me as I pour a glass of Madeira wine, the wine of 18th-century America, and share a story about miracles and new wine.


4 thoughts on “Old Stone Well Farm

  1. Hey, Donna. Well, the beeswax candle is now a nub and the Advent devotionals have been filed. Both your devotionals and the candle enhanced my Advent season. I loved the “bread” theme and getting the recipes, and your personal stories. I also liked the “in-between” videos. Seeing Accidental Country Pastor in my inbox always lifts my spirits.
    Here in WNC we are experiencing the first snowfall of the year – already 7-8 inches and still coming down. It is not quite as cold here as in Vermont but still gives me time to hibernate and relax. It still, even in retirement, seems I have to have an excuse to hibernate! It is beautiful and I marvel at the God moments it brings me.
    I know as editor of Presbyterians Today, you may seek ideas for articles for innovative and creative ways of “doing” church. I would l like to share one that you may already know about. It is a ministry founded by two young female Presbyterian pastors based in Black Mountain, NC. The name is Sanctified Art https://sanctifiedart.org/. They offer art, poetry, liturgical resources for churches and clergy. We have used some of their work in my church. It is so creative and “new” for churches and I love that the artists are female Presbyterian pastors. I enjoy just looking at their website.
    Stay warm and cozy during these cold winter days. Enjoy hibernating!


    • Nancy,
      Wow. Seven to eight inches already! You have more snow than we do in Vermont. I would say I am jealous, but it looks like we might get hit with a storm late tonight into tomorrow. And I have heard a little bit about Sanctified Art, but I didn’t realize it was two young female Presbyterians behind it. I need to look into this some more. Thank you for letting me know!! And I am also so glad you enjoyed the Advent devotional and the candle. 🙂 It warms my heart to hear that. Stay warm and cozy yourself!!! Blessings to you, Donna


    • I’m smiling because my husband commented, too, that the Cargill jacket got such great product placement. My husband drives a truick for a privately owned company with connections to Cargill. Cargill handed out these shirts awhile back and I confiscated it as it is large and warm and cozy here in this old, drafty house. Cargill has a feed mill here in Vermont. I, though, didn’t realize there was a Cargill in Central San Joaquin Valley. Small world! 🙂

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