Thanksgiving at Old Stone Well Farm

Happy Thanksgiving! It’s a busy day here at Old Stone Well Farm, and I invite you to come and join me as I get the fire going to make the pies in the Dutch oven, boil the Christmas pudding and melt the beeswax for more Advent candles.

And I will share with you a recent discovery about my black-and-white chicken. Hint: She is a perfect fit for living here at this 18th century home. For now, I want to take time to thank you all for your support with this ministry.

I have some plans for it in the new year, but I need your support. So share with friends and like on YouTube! And now, let’s get cooking.

Blessings! Donna

2 thoughts on “Thanksgiving at Old Stone Well Farm

  1. Thanks Donna. I always love reading your posts – they are so relevant and down to earth for me. Hope you and PJ have a great Thanksgiving Day, and a blessed Advent season and wonderful things to happen in 2022! Have you started coming to Louisville again? I’d love to get together with you if you are here. Love you and miss seeing you.


    • It was a quiet Thanksgiving, but quiet is good. And I am so glad I got to cook outdoors and make more candles before the snow came. We got a foot on Saturday. As for Louisville, I won’t be heading down anytime soon. We have discovered that the work gets done wonderfully via Zoom and so it saves money (and the environment) by not flying down all the time. Hope you have a wonderful Advent season.


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