Old Stone Well Farm

Hope Found in a Burn Pile

Well my friends here at Old Stone Well Farm, I just had to be with you for the start of Holy Week. Yes, it’s Palm Sunday and once again I am waving the pussy willows rather than palms — a very European tradition. But these pussy willows are extra special this year as I found them in the farm’s burn pile. Yes, new life can emerge from the ashes and rubble. Just a little background to today’s video. As many of you know, I have many projects that I am working on right now. This video almost didn’t happen because I was swamped (I was on a newspaper assignment for a good part of the day and had just finished filing my story and pictures!). But I felt a tug at my heart to be with you. So, I filmed this in my old beat up jeans and running shoes and I didn’t even bother with an extra coat of mascara. May you find hope today in your burn piles! Thank you for being part of Old Stone Well Farm. I can’t wait to celebrate Easter with you.

2 thoughts on “Old Stone Well Farm

  1. There’s a very large copy of this photo hanging in store downtown where I work and sell produce on the front porch once a week. I’ll be looking at it differently.
    This reminded me of your sermon “hoof prints”. I saved it on my phone. It’s from April 2017!


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