Old Stone Well Farm

The Snow Keeps Falling

Day 2 of snow…and up to three feet. While I do love the white stuff, I have been hankering for blue skies and green grass. And I learned a lesson today: When trying your hand at homesteading, go for what is practical, not what you think looks pastoral. This was my morning. Vermont living at its best.

4 thoughts on “Old Stone Well Farm

  1. Donna, I have an unrelated question. Lyall is preparing to search for new pastor an the committee thinks they want to send inquiry to various seminaries, inc. Princeton. Since we are requiring a minimum of 5 yrs. experience would graduates still be earching via the seminary for potential openings? Would appreciate your thoughts. (Hope you have not had toooo much snow to shovel)


    • I thinking about you the other day, wondering how you are doing! Great to hear from you. I wouldn’t rule out advertising via seminaries, but chances are you won’t get candidates with five plus years experience. I would look into placing an ad in the Presbyterian Outlook magazine. That might be a start. Also, explore what social media pages you might be able to place a job description. I am seeing more and more job posts online. RCA, Methodist…what avenues are there electronically to post your position? Here’s the link to the info for the Presbyterian Outlook. https://pres-outlook.org/post-job/


  2. Snowy greetings, Donna,

    This video made me chuckle out loud. There is nothing like experience to learn the art of “practical homesteading”.😊

    Here in Barnard, we too are buried in over two feet of the white stuff, and today (3/15…the Ides of March!) the wind is gusting so furiously that the snow is blowing everywhere. We have mountains of shoveled snow that are at least six feet high and pathways which look like caverns.

    I hope you can borrow a snowblower to make quick work of forming a pathway to the chicken coop. And, I hope those eggs were delicious, indeed.

    All the best, Camille +++

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    • Funny thing is when my husband came home from work yesterday he took the snowblower out and took care of the driveway and the front walkway. But he took me seriously when I said he didn’t have to make a path to the coop…that I love 18th-century living. So last night I had to go out the front door, walk down the slippery driveway (which is slight hill) and then trudge back up to the coop to tuck the girls in. Of all the times for my husband to listen to me. 😉
      Hope it starts warming up for us and melt some of this. It is nice, though, to hear the birds chirping in the morning.


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