Old Stone Well Farm

Beauty All Around — Even at 1 A.M.

Friends, there will be no new episode of Old Stone Well Farm today. Feeling a bit under the weather after a week away in Louisville. Yes, the world has reopened for this country pastor and my traveling schedule for my work with the Presbyterian Mission Agency has begun.

But, as I was driving home from the airport at 1 a.m. I had a few God moments: I noticed how brilliant the stars were sparkling; I noticed how the abundance of deer on my path forced me to slow my anxious pace down and be in the moment; and, I noticed how my high beams announced that we had just had our first hard frost, as the the fields before me were a ghostly white. I was tired. I was eager to climb into bed.

Yet, I was once again reminded of the serene beauty of God’s creation that is always present to us if we open our eyes.

What beauty are you seeing today?

Let me know. And Old Stone Well Farm will be back!



2 thoughts on “Old Stone Well Farm

  1. Pastor Donna, I am in southern coastal NC. Temps finally feeling like fall in the morning, but currently it is 81 degrees outside. I am sitting in my screen room, listening to the breeze rustle the leaves just outside. I can also feel a faint breeze brushing over my skin. It’s a little like getting a hug from God! In about twenty minutes the sun will be low enough in the sky that I will be forced inside. The sun will be shining brightly on me and I do not have shades. No color change in the leaves yet. I am taking a trip to the mountains of NC in early October hopefully to see brilliant fall colors!!


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