Old Stone Well Farm

Heavy Crowns and Responsibilities

Yes, I watched the king’s coronation the other day. I am a royal watcher. But beyond the pomp and pageantry was a powerful reminder for kings and common folk alike: We are all called to care for others. That responsibility might feel heavy at times, but the burden is lightened when we know we don’t do it alone. So come and join me here in Vermont where spring is finally bursting forth at my 18th-century home. And I share an announcement with you.

4 thoughts on “Old Stone Well Farm

  1. Dear Donna, Congratulations on being named as Communications Specialist! I know you will be perfect for the job, and I know you will enjoy it! Best wishes, Ken

    PS: Please keep up the videos.

    Ken Gassman kengassman@mac.com 804-347-2395



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