Old Stone Well Farm

Healing from the Sting of Betrayal

The sting of betrayal is painful. Yet during Holy Week I am reminded once again that during those times of betrayal in my life, I do not walk alone. Holy Week is all about betrayals — the people turning on Jesus, Peter denying knowing Jesus and, of course, the ultimate betrayal of Judas. And I have found a way to heal from my own betrayals.

Come and join me as I offer you my tips, and discover a wonderful English springtime fruitcake that is rich in flavor and Holy Week symbolism. I’ve included the link to the recipe here! https://www.allrecipes.com/recipe/24995/easter-simnel-cake/

This is an easy version. I don’t use a bundt pan, but a round cake pan and I melt apricot jam and spread it on top before placing a layer of marzipan.

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