Old Stone Well Farm

I’ll Be Back

Friends, our time together at Old Stone Well Farm will be delayed a day or two. Since the holidays — and since getting Fritz, our puppy — life has been a bit crazy. I have so many thoughts I want to share with you, as well as so many beautiful Vermont God moments.

But they will have to wait because…drumroll…I am preaching this morning at a sweet little Reformed church in my area which has been looking for a pastor for years. How this all came about is truly a God moment that I will share with you soon. Right now, though, I think I am still in awe and processing this God moment.

This opportunity really happened out of the blue. God works like that. So it seems — out of the blue. I know. I know. God is in control and has all things planned, but to us mere mortals, it often seems like God is silent for days, week, months and even years. So when blessings come or better yet those blessed assurances wrap their loving arms around us, it seems like they come out of the blue.

I guess that’s because we are not good waiting on the Lord. We’re not good at trusting that God is at work in our lives. Well, I have to get moving here and get ready to meet this congregation and see where God is leading us both.

So, stay tuned. And a new video will come shortly!


8 thoughts on “Old Stone Well Farm

  1. What a lovely little church . I’ve often said, we need to have churches out in rural areas on a tour list, so people can see inside those that have been shuttered. I’d be the first to sign up! They are very special and give us such a glimpse into the way life used to be when a church was at the heart of the community.


  2. A window…. A door …… an amazing opportunity no matter what comes of it. Someone in that church needs you today. Go be a blessing.


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