Old Stone Well Farm

I Shall Not Want

Spend some time today with me as I share with you one of my favorite places from my childhood — the Wick Farm in Morristown, NJ.
On a cold, rainy May day I get to explore, pray and ponder — and enjoy a few God moments, like meeting the friendly park ranger who
welcomed me into the old 1750 house and shared a tale about a horse. As a Presbyterian pastor, I also learned the Wick family had Presbyterian roots!
What God moments will you have today? They all begin by listening to our Good Shepherd and following where he leads.

2 thoughts on “Old Stone Well Farm

  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Donna! Once again you have inspired in me not only thought and prayer, but tears of memories… memories of my own visits to the Wick Farm and also the Ford Mansion where Washington made his headquarters in Morristown. I, too, loved the story of Tempe Wick and pretended to be Tempe saving her horse from the British soldiers. I also pretended, with my friend Louise Garth, to be Molly Pitcher, helping the Colonial soldiers by giving them water. I, too, was taken to the Wick Farm by my parents when I was a child. I lived near Morristown, and we sometimes visited the farm when nothing was open, but it was a good place to walk.
    Thank you — you have followed your heart into places where my heart and my head have not led me, but I love hearing of your journey. Peace — and the Good Shepherd — be with you, my firned.


    • Lois, I can just see you pretending to be Tempe! Too funny. It was wonderful visiting there again. I had wanted to get up to the soldiers’ huts and also walk the many wonderful paths, but PJ and I were completely soaked and freezing. Perhaps another time. It is amazing, though, to see how built up Morristown has become. The downtown area was horrific with traffic — so hard to find parking. Hope you are doing well. We have to get together soon…once I get a grip on all my deadlines and projects. Things are crazy leading up to General Assembly. I need to take a deep breath and push through these next few weeks. This too shall pass. All will be well. (What other sayings can I whisper to give me some blessed peace?) 😉 Hugs and love, Donna


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