Old Stone Well Farm

Two Opportunities For You

Two ways to tune into tomorrow for worship!

For those who want a taste of traditional in-person worship, I will be at First Presbyterian Church in Broadalbin, NY on May 1. Live stream of service begins 10 a.m. on Facebook@Broadalbinfirstpresbyterian.

There will also be a new episode of Old Stone Well Farm for those who enjoy coming to Vermont (even if it is virtually!).

It’s going to be a busy weekend (on top of filming, stories to write and more stories to edit for the magazine!)

Looking forward to Sunday afternoon when I can be like my neighbor’s calves — passed out in a field, napping. 🙂

Nap time for my neighbor’s calves here in the valley of Rupert, Vermont.

2 thoughts on “Old Stone Well Farm

    • Michelle, I am just catching up on notes now. After preaching last Sunday, the gentleman overseeing the Facebook live stream asked if I knew a Michelle Berger who joined in for worship. I was smiling!! Blessings to you!


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