Worship at Old Stone Well Farm

Our Commitments

I recently officiated a beautiful wedding of a beautiful young woman who I knew as a young girl at a church I served. (Boy, do I feel old.)

The setting on top of the hills in Vermont was magical. The weather was perfect. But it got me mulling something over.

There’s a growing trend for non-church weddings — or even ordained clergy officiating. Rather friends getting online approval to officiate a couples’ big day is the “in” thing.

I wonder what impact if any will this non-church wedding trend have on our commitment to one another, and our commitment to God.

We are called to prayer for one another, in good times and bad, in “sickness and in health.” Here at the farm, I hold each of you who visit me in prayer — even though we hav not met one another physically. You are family. Remember that. And if you ever find yourself standing in the need of prayer, email me at accidentalcountrypastor@gmail.com.

Blessings! Donna

Click video below to begin your time at the farm.

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