Worship at Old Stone Well Farm

Gone Fishing

Well, not really fishing, but I this country pastor will be taking a way overdue day of rest and relaxation, putzing in her garden and picking the abundance of Alpine strawberries and rhubarb!

Before I put my mucks on and head out into the garden, I wonder: If you were given a Sabbath day for complete rest and silence, what would you find yourself doing?

Share with me! And, as I pick each strawberry, I will lift a prayer of thanks for each one of you who faithfully join me at the farm. Blessings to you!!

5 thoughts on “Worship at Old Stone Well Farm

  1. I would probably curl up with a good mystery story … and do some knitting. And this time of year if I got ambitious I would go to a nearby orchard and pick some peaches which would then mean making a cobbler or pie.


  2. Good Morning Pastor!

    Funny that I have three friends all raising chickens!!!! What does that foretell?


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