2 thoughts on “Worship at Old Stone Well Farm

  1. Oh, Donna! After reading your blog this week, and then meeting you here, and listening to your heatfelt words, I am once again moved to tears — the tears that the presence of Holy Spirit brings! I also spent my years at PTS wrestling with God — with God, with Scripture, with the church, and often with Princeton Seminary. It was such a time of growth and expanding horizons — I was stretched by the inward and the outward things, but most of all by the God who created the universe (and all the universes beyond ours!), who is the same God who knows me better than I know myself, and who loves me in spite of myself, who loves me with a love so deep and wide and warm that I can’t even imagine it! Thanks for reminding me of all that, as I wrestle with what in the world God might have in mind for me now, at 75 years, a bit worn down by life, but hopping, hoping, always hoping against hope for a blessing for this time and place.

    Thank you, my friend. This ministry of yours is blessing so much more than you know.


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