6 thoughts on “Worship at Old Stone Well Farm

  1. If nothing else, this pandemic has allowed me to spend my Sunday mornings worshiping (with you) instead of ‘doing’ worship; there are blessings in everything, we just need to open our hearts to them. Russ


  2. There was such beauty in the setting you chose to give your message. I felt like God was with you, such a powerful message. Thank you!


  3. Oh, Donna, how you seem to speak to me exactly where I am! I have been lamenting — right now, lamenting that I am working hard getting all my clothing and bedding through the heat of the dryer on high, and bagging everything up so that the exterminator can come this week to rid my house (I’m convinced, only my bedroom) of bed bugs. It did strike me suddenly in the middle of Michael Burkley’s sermon this morning on Luke’s rich young ruler, that I really am blessed, that I reached the age of 75 before my first (and I hope last) encounter with bed bugs!

    Thank you, Donna. Take care, and may God keep on blessing you through your tears and your crying out.

    Much love,


    • Lois, I am so sorry to hear about your encounter with bed bugs. Not fun at all. As I do these videos, I have to say I find myself feeling humbled, in awe and excited…and I often picture the “congregation” before me…your smiling face is right there front and center. 🙂 And there is no way you are 75! Hugs to you, Donna


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