2 thoughts on “Easter Worship Service

  1. Donna, every time you preach, you get better and better at your craft.In your past life you had to
    Be one of God’s angels. You are truly his angel in this life delivering words that bring peace, hope and tranquility into every life you touch.You are a very special person put on this earth to spread God’s word.You always inspire me when I hear you talk. Lovingly, Bob Nafash, Peace


    • Bob, my apologies as I am just seeing this comment now. (I have to get better at checking all of my messages…sigh.) But thank you for such kind words. They mean so much to me. And I count you as one of my angels in my life that have cheered me on and supported me and have allowed me to practice my craft over the years. Hope you are doing well…and I do hope will see Diane and you this summer! Blessings and hugs, Donna


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