Worship at Old Stone Well Farm

Have you ever heard yourself say “someday I will …”

Take piano lessons.

Learn how to paint.

Master a new language.

Someday …

Today that someday has arrived. If these last few weeks have taught as anything it is the truth that we are not promised forever. So why put off doing the things that give us joy?

I share with you a recent passion of mine that has given me peace and that has provided me with that sacred space for grace that I just couldn’t seem to find.

I have always been fascinated with all things relating to 18th century America — from the architecture of the houses to open hearth cooking techniques to the clothing that was worn.

Recently, I reconnected with my younger self, the self that loved the history of fashion. I began researching what the clothing worn in the 18th century told the world about a person, their status in life, the role they played in society, their ancestral heritage, etc. I also began exploring the fabric available and dyes that were used as well as the actual piecing of the garment, which included stitching techniques I had never heard of before.

And so I began the challenging project of constructing an English round gown (circa 1760-70’s) using a period correct pattern that involves draping the gown on the actual person, and then stitched by hand. Now, being that I am not an expert seamstress, this project has been difficult at times. I have ripped out the stitches of the sleeve four times before finally mastering the right amount of gathering at the shoulder. The gown you see in this video is a prototype. I figured I should to a trial run first.

As you join me for this reflection, I invite you to think about that someday project you thought you didn’t have time for or which might have seemed ridiculous, um, like this gown I am making. I mean, really now, where will I ever wear this 18th century dress?

Still, this project has brought back memories of my mom who, when I  pouted because she didn’t buy that Barbie doll wedding dress I wanted because it was too pricey for the flimsy garment that it actually was, gave me a needle, thread and material and encourage me to design my own dress for the doll. It was that moment I felt this amazing sense of accomplishment.

This project has brought me back to the who God made me to be. It has made me realize there is more to this life that we are not living. Isn’t it time to live? To dream again? To create?

I hope you enjoy this time together.

Drop me a note. I would love to hear what someday projects you are making into today projects.







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