Chalk Drawings in the Rain

Life has been busy for this Accidental Country Pastor. Preaching and pastoring at the “little white church” in a rural upstate New York village — and now, in addition to that church, moderating and preaching once a month in a little country church in Poultney, Vermont.

But I have been missing you — and everyday I think of you and so badly want to reconnect and share with you the adventures of being surprised by those beautiful God moments that happen each and everyday. Beautiful God moments that I see in the setting sun over Sofie’s Hill here in my home in Vermont. Beautiful God moments in the song of praise that reaches my ear in the way of my neighbor’s cows mooing. Beautiful God moments I experience in the fears and tears — and joys and hope — in congregations that are small in number but great in Spirit. God moments I treasure as I work in the church at large as editor of my denomination’s magazine, realizing that while we tend to complain a lot about things not being what they once were, God is indeed leading us to the what can be. God moments like the one I just had at a writer’s conference I was speaking at in New Jersey at New Brunswick Theological Seminary, where I was reminded once again that the gifts God gives to us need to be used. And so, I’ve missed you and I’ve missed sharing God with you through my writings.

So for now, as I work on this Sunday’s sermon and edit stories for the magazine (not to mention the weeds that need pulling in my little 18th century-inspired herb and flower garden and the chicken coop that still needs to be finished!), I share with you my recent editorial that ran in Presbyterians Today magazine.

Simply click here:

JUNJUL 2018_selected-pages

Until the next God moment…remember to take a look around and see the beauty of God that is right before you. For God is always there with you. Always.



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