This Week at the Farm

Friends, today’s video worship will be delayed. I am guest preaching at St. Peter’s Presbyterian in Spencertown, NY this morning. Yes, that is why I am up at the crack of dawn!

But I must say, the holy hush of the early morning is quite beautiful. In spite of the snow we had here in Vermont, there is that smell of spring warmth in the air and the birds are not letting winter’s refusal to leave get them down. They are singing as they wait for the sun to start peeking over the mountains.

What a lesson for us all: to realize that when the death of winter seems to be gripping us, we can still sing. We can still feel God’s warmth and we can still wait with excitement for that sun to break forth and light up our dark valleys with hope. We can no matter what, no matter where, rejoice. For this is the day the Lord has made.

I will hold you in my prayers and stay tuned for more reflections and videos from the accidental country pastor.



Spending the day at St. Peter’s in Spencertown, NY. A little country church with history and heart. 

1 thought on “This Week at the Farm

  1. This is a great message to start the day! Have a safe trip – and you will probably come up with another great “reflection”.



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