Meet Donna Frischknecht


Donna was born and bred in north New Jersey where she grew up with a view of the New York City skyline greeting her everyday. Early on, that skyline shaped her dreams of someday being a fashion editor in Manhattan.

Her dream eventually came true, having graduated the Fashion Institute of Technology with a degree in advertising and communications, and spending a brief stint or two in public relations before landing a job at a fine jewelry trade publication as associate fashion editor.

It was at the magazine, Donna honed her reporting and writing skills, traveled the world and interviewed the most amazing people. She worked her way from reporting on fashion to covering the retail jewelry industry and eventually was named editor in chief.

However, while living the dream and calling her one-bedroom co-op in Manhattan’s historic Murray Hill home (Lexington Avenue and 36th Street), she began to feel there was more to the life she was living.

When she returned to church after many years of being a Christmas/Easter Christian, something happened. Donna felt a call to use her love for writing and communicating to tell the story of an incredible God at work in our lives.

While she wrestled with whether she could leave corporate America for the unknown world of ministry that was tugging at her, a major life event shoved her to take the scary of leap of faith she had been contemplating.

One winter night, news came that her then boyfriend was killed in a jeep accident in Africa. Donna soon realized life was too precious to waste on playing it safe and left the world of magazine publishing to enter seminary.

She graduated from Princeton Theological Seminary in 2007 and was ordained in the Presbyterian church that same year. Packing up all she knew (along with her jewelry wardrobe and cute shoes and handbags!), she began her journey as an “accidental country pastor,” serving in the most unlikely place she ever thought she would serve—rural upstate New York. It was there, though, her heart healed as in the midst of challenges, changes, questions and doubt, she saw God at work in the most amazing ways.

In 2011, ten years after the death of her boyfriend, Donna met and married Paul Jackson, a local boy from the rural village she served. The two purchased an old house in Vermont with the most beautiful views of the neighbor’s cows from the back porch.

After what Donna describes as her time of “exile,” that is, serving a church in Maryland for a while, she moved back to Vermont in 2016 without a church, deciding to trust God all the way with this crazy and wonderful journey.

Feeling blessed to be back home, Donna loves slipping on her Mucks, taking Sofie for a walk and marveling and writing about how life really is one big beautiful God moment!

You can listen to some sermons here:



4 thoughts on “Meet Donna Frischknecht

  1. Donna,
    Helen is my wifes Grandmother, Sandi, Nancy daughter. (I’m playing the Salem name game). The family hasbeen a corner stone of faith for the 27 years i have known this family. I asked Sandi’s parent permission to marry her at Clarence and Helen’s 50th wedding anniversary. my grandparent were also married 50+ years and had a huge impact on my faith growing up, My grandfather was my confirmation sponsor. This year Sandi and I Cerebrate our 25th anniversary. To say it was not easy an under statement,there are challenges. But seeing 100 year of faith and love let us know anything is possible. Sandi and I are Deacons in our Church, I was an elder for 7 years and currently the treasure, Sandi was a youth Elder in Salem.
    I just wanted to thank you for your lesson on faith and Helen, i loved it.



    • Peter,
      So good to hear from you and how blessed you are to be part of that family. I know I count it as a blessing that God called me to meet folks just like Helen. I only wish that I had the chance to get to know Clarence as well! I am glad you enjoyed my sharing the lesson of faith Helen imparted to me. I am sure there are many other Helen stories for she did touch so many people. Wishing you and your wife (and the entire family) a blessed Easter. (And I love the Salem name game!)


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